Dana Freedman

It’s Time to Remember Who You Really Are — Perfect, Whole, and Loved

You already possess the power to effect lasting change, in yourself, your relationships with others, and your community. You just need to remember how to use it!

That’s where I come in. As an Empowerment Coach, I can help you reconnect with your highest self and develop your unique magic to live a more authentic life.

Anything’s possible when you know how to hone your inner resources, tap into your innate gifts, and create space for what matters most. Ready to begin?

A remarkable healer

Dana is a remarkable healer, with a clear sense of when to offer support and when to deliver a directive. She has impeccable energetic boundaries and cares deeply about empowering her clients with the tools they need to do the work themselves.

Sarah W.

Content Marketer in the tech industry

…help you remember your magic

Dana shines light in areas you didn’t know were dark. She does this with her gentle, focused and clear heart of gold. I highly recommend working with her to help you remember your magic and your highest self!

Radha Schwaller

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, INNATE Postpartum Provider and Women's Nourishment Coach

I literally feel different in my body!

I literally feel different in my body! I have struggled with self-love and acceptance for as long as I can remember and through our work together, I can now honestly say that I believe in my soul that I am beautiful and worthy!

Michelle H.

Corporate Conference Manager in the tech industry

Dana met me where I was

Dana met me where I was and helped me see there is a much bigger Universe to explore than I ever imagined. The most important thing I could say to something thinking of working with Dana is try it. Know you will be held gently.

Lisa Bogart

Author & Artist, lisabogart.com

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