An Ending, A Beginning, A Retreat

December in Western culture is…a thing.

The gatherings, the shopping, the menus, the wrapping, the candles, the decorations, the expectations, the family obligations.

If you’re a woman, partnered or not, parent or not, close with your family or not, it can be a challenge to manage all the emotions that come bubbling up with the way we’re “supposed to” be, and do, and feel and perform for the end of quarter, end of year, end of season.

We have visions of relaxation, meaningful moments with our friends and loved ones, with ourselves, to raise a glass, to get quiet and prepare for all that we want to call in for our personal new year. But how often does that vision come to fruition? And even if the vision comes true—the tree, the stockings, the menorah, the gifts, the family, the meal—what is pulsing underneath it? How do you really feel?

If the answer is “exhausted,” we need to hang out.

We are living and breathing the news cycle even when we turn off the news. Our current way of Insta-everything--gotta do, gotta be, gotta go—is taking its toll on our nervous systems.

Let’s do something different this year.

This December, take time out for you. Not two hours for a hot bath and Netflix, but an entire weekend devoted to you, your unwinding and unfolding, your letting go, your connecting with intuition and magic and calling in the next level of you.

On December 9th, ten women will gather at Gassho House, a retreat center in the heart of the redwoods in Marin County, California.

We will gather to sit in gratitude with all that we have accomplished this year, all that this year has taught us, served us, and grown us.

We will gather and release into the earth and air all that is no longer serving us, using our bodies in gentle movement, our breath, and the element of fire.

We will gather in celebration.

We will gather in reflection.

And will gather stillness, so that we may move into the darkness of winter with renewed faith in our own magic, the magic of the universe, and all that is truly possible for ourselves and the world.

We will gather in love.

We will meet in the late afternoon on the 9th and get settled into our simple but elegant dormitory-style quarters (think shared spaces with finely appointed linens, local and organic nourishment, all fully catered—you will be fully tended to in communal luxury). We will convene in our Sacred Temple space for a commencement ritual, then break bread for a family-style meal as we will each day for all our meals together—six in total.

On Saturday the 10th we will gather in the temple space for a full day of our soul’s work, including one-on-one heart seat style coaching.

On Sunday, we will have a lighter fair breakfast, followed by sacred time together, and we will end with an afternoon Sunday brunch before parting ways.

You will leave renewed, refreshed, ready for re-entry, and with a new set of priorities with your health and well-being at the top of your list.

Join me for a true holiday in your holiday season.

Let this gift to yourself be a gift to your whole family.

You deserve this.

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Dates: December 9th - December 11th
Location: Gassho House, Nicasio, Marin County, CA

$1444 single payment option
$482 x 3 payments *option available until November 16th.

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