"I get by with a little help from my friends"

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It’s been a while. My apologies. A round of spring colds, a death in our nanny’s family, and a new bi-weekly writing workshop have kept me too busy for words–blogging words anyway. The book, on the other hand, is moving along quite nicely thanks to the added pressure of a deadline.
For those of you wondering where I am in my quest for baby #2, I’m in the middle of another two-week wait. There were two big fat follicles this month so I’m trying to stay positive, positive, positive despite the ever-oppressive fertility-hormones-of-doom. I should have some news by the weekend.
In the meantime, my dear friend Eva Shoshany is holding a fundraiser in honor of my little family!
Holy crap! How lucky am I?
Eva is a fellow memoirist and poet who has taken up the art of garment dyeing in her recent retirement. Using thrift store silks, and leaves gathered from daily hikes with her dog, she has somehow turned a weekend stress-reducing hobby into a full-fledged brand: Re-Leaf Wear. Her shirts, scarves and other delights will be on sale for the next two weekends (or by appointment) from her home in Mill Valley. The proceeds will be divided between the Freedman Family Fertility Fund, and another friend’s on-going life-with-cancer maintenance fund (see the flyer below). Out-of-towners, if you’re interested in seeing some of Eva’s work, give her a call. I’m sure she can get creative over the interwebs!
Eva’s Re-Leaf Wear will be guest-starring alongside the luscious photography of her husband, Barry Toranto. Barry’s work currently adorns my living room and hallway, and someday (when I’m done baby-making), I hope to add more. The two of them, Auntie Eva and Uncle “Beers” (as Jonah calls him–ahem, for his beard, not the beverage!), are essential members of my little village. Their contributions have included (but are not limited to) multiple overnights with Jonah, countless dinners and bottles of wine, regular tech support, a cuppa coffee and an ear, editing, printing, general handyman work, and now…this!
Much gratitude to Eva and Barry for their profound generosity, and to all of you, too, for your exceptional companionship throughout this adventure of mine!
Note: The flyer does not include their address. Oops! Eva and Barry can be found at:
116 Evergreen Avenue, Mill Valley, CA
open studio fundraiser 2017

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