Write to Life

Dana Freedman is leading Write to Life, a nine-month course that uses the power of intuition, the wisdom of spiritual tradition, and the body itself to transform your old story(ies) into healed wholeness, creating space for a new narrative, the narrative of your soul’s desire, to take its shape and move fully into your energetic system.

Dates: Begining February 8th, 2023 for 9 months
Times: Wednesdays from 2:00pm Pacific Time
Location: Zoom and a private Facebook Group
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Join me in this sacred container for creative writing, meditation, and healing.

In nearly every spiritual path, the number seven is the key to wholeness and spiritual fulfillment. There are seven chakras, seven sacraments, seven levels of the Judaic Tree of Life, and even seven levels to explore in the Chinese Five Element Theory if you include our Mother Earth and Father Sky. Together we will explore themes available to us in these teachings and use their power to heal through the written word, meditation, and energetic movement.

Each month will include three ninety-minute sessions with a rest week between themes for the purpose of integration. The first session of each month will begin with a teaching and guided meditation, focusing on the particular power center of the body we will be exploring. These power centers may be reflected in both our physical and emotional bodies. We will peer first through a wide-angled lens before turning inward to discover the knowledge and healing available to us from within.

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