Root, Release, and Rise–A Retreat

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Dates: October 26th - 29th
Location: Gassho House, Nicasio, Marin County, CA

Autumn is the season of letting go.

In simpler times, that fiery productivity of summer would have burned its final flames, the harvest would have been gathered, celebrated, and “put up” for winter in preparation for shorter days and colder nights to come.

Autumn is a time to turn inward.

That stack of books, your knitting, the armchair by the fire beckons, your pumpkin-spiced delight (or ambivalence or even perturbance--can you tell it’s not my thing?) calls, along with…

Oh God, here we go…

Your mother.

Your to-do lists.

The cranky furnace.

The soccer tournament.

Who’s taking the kids to their piano lessons?

“Mo-om, what’s for dinner?”

Tell me they’re not playing Jingle Bells in Walgreens October?

They’re totally playing Jingle Bells in Walgreens in October.





Autumn is MEANT to be the season of winding down, of dropping our browned and burnished leaves to remain nourished at our core through winter. But in our culture of do-more-be-more-buy-more, we rarely give ourselves the chance.

This is your year.

Welcome to your autumn pause.

Join me in retreat beneath the giant redwoods of Nicasio Valley, California. We’ll gather in community, in celebration, in ceremony for a three-night/four-day weekend of alternately getting quiet, getting loud, moving our bodies, moving our energy and releasing what’s no longer serving us—letting go.

Join me for a weekend of meditation, movement, sound, an invocation of the elements--metal for discernment; water for flow; wood for structure, earth to ground us; fire to unite us and send our proverbial shit up in smoke--and then the breath, to shed layers, stories, feelings, beliefs no longer relevant to our systems, no longer in service of our deepest desires.

You’ll arrive at Gassho House late Thursday afternoon, choose your weekend resting space, make your bed with their sumptuous linens, then come together for a communal dinner of local organic foods prepared for us with love by our personal chef, Jake. In the evening, we’ll move to the ceremonial yurt to begin our first of many deep dives into the mystery.

Friday and Saturday will be spent in exploration, alternating between meditation and movement, small group work, and individual heart-seat style coaching (one-on-one coaching and/or energy work while held in a container of love by our collective), all punctuated by delicious food, delicious company and delicious fun.

On Sunday, we’ll enjoy a continental breakfast, then move to the yurt to close our circle, and end our weekend with a traditional Sunday brunch before saying goodbye.

Your time away includes three night’s accommodations in communal luxury (a limited number of single rooms are available for a fee), nine organic meals with snacks in between, a heaping helping of giggles, some tears, belly laughter, all the LOVE you could possibly imagine, then more! And transformation. For some of you, profound transformation. Then, of course, more love.


No. Seriously.


October 26th-29th 2023.

$1888. Payment plans are available—just ask.



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