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Contact Dana to schedule an initial phone call. Together you can review your goals and determine the best path forward for you.

1-Hour Coaching

This one hour stand-alone session is perfect for those who need a gentle nudge, a handful of inspiration, or that final push to make those changes you’ve been meaning to make for a while now. Or, you want to go deep, but you’re afraid of commitment—this is the plan for you!



The Change Maker

You are ready for change and committed to the process! In these three hour-long sessions we will clarify your vision, examine patterns, release blockages, and move you toward the realization your goals. These sessions can be used weekly, or monthly, based on your individual need.



Go Deep

Are you ready to dive deep into your soul’s work? To learn to look within to find the solutions you’ve been seeking to life’s everyday challenges? Join me for three months of in-depth exploration. Each month will include two hour-long sessions where we will examine your current challenges, explore and release repeating patterns and blockages, and work to align you with your highest self.



The All-Access Pass

Spend a day with me! I will guide you in meditation and breath work, feed you delicious organic food according to your dietary preferences, schedule you a massage, and help you to get in touch with your soul’s work. From there you will follow the Go Deep plan, with three months of in-depth exploration, and open access to me via email, talk and text. You know you deserve this!



*All sessions (with the exception of the All-Access Pass Day) can be conducted over the phone, virtually via Zoom, or in-person in my workspace at the Indie Alley in lovely downtown Fairfax, CA.

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