Be witnessed in your truth.
Feel held in a container of love and compassion.

One-on-One Offerings

Root and Release

3 months of continuous support as you ~

  • Learn the framework for deep healing and self-discovery
  • Ground into the truth of all that you are, and all you were meant to be
  • Shed light on the parts of you that have been holding you back
  • Release negative patterns
  • Become your own healer

Two 60-90 minute sessions per month; Text/Phone support with a 24-hour response time; homework and check-ins between sessions.

$3000 single payment option
$1000 x 3 payments

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Awaken, Embody, & Soar!

6 months of continuous support as you ~

  • Investigate and incorporate your shadow side into Wholeness
  • Untie ancestral knots
  • Explore and develop your unique magic
  • Deepen your relationship with your highest self
  • Manifest abundance and desire
  • Transform your life!

Two 60-90 minute sessions per month; Text/Phone support with a 24-hour response time; homework and check-ins between sessions.

$6000 single payment option
$1000 x 6 payments

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Intuitive Coaching Session

For the Intuitive Coaching Session, you will work one-on-one with Dana in a single 60-90-minute session (dependent upon what’s needed). It’s one part talking through/mindset, one part guided meditation, and one part energy work.

After purchase, I will contact you to set a time.* For existing clients each session is $250. For all new clients, the first session is $300.

Starting at $250

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45-Minute Energy Healing Session

1The most delicious quickie you’ll ever have! A complete session from start to finish. You’ll tell me where in your life you desire healing or a shift, and my guides and I will get to work on your energetic system. We’ll do a bit of talking, and then I’ll let my guides do their thing (which looks a bit different for everyone). Sometimes we’ll get into meditation together, other times their messages begin as we are talking, and we’ll just continue talking as I work. You’ll leave refreshed, and with a clear path to move forward from. This is a cameras-off Zoom experience. After purchase, I will contact you to make set a time.

Conscious Breathwork and Energy Attunement Sessions

120 minutes ~

The breath has been used as a path toward healing and wellness for thousands upon thousands of years. From the yogic tradition of Pranayama, to the more New Age approach of holotropic breathwork and rebirthing, to the latest incarnation in the Wim Hof method, the breath is a powerful and proven tool for deep release, connection with self and spirit, and transformation. A breathwork session with Dana is an immersive sensory experience of sound and circular breathing in the tradition of Stanislov Grof and Leonard Orr.

You can expect to begin with a mini-coaching session, including discussion and guided meditation before lying back and beginning your journey. Further discussion and integration will follow. It is recommended that you plan some time before, but particularly after your breathwork session for self-care and slowness. Consider it a deep tissue massage for your soul.

* Returning clients can schedule via Zoom, but it’s not recommended.

Practical Magic

Sometimes it isn’t about depth, it’s about catching your breath ~

  • Bend time
  • Breathe space into your days
  • Find the sweetness gone missing
  • Shed light on a complex relationship or situation
  • Brush up on your healing and manifestation skills

Two 60-90 minute sessions per month; Text/Phone support with a 24-hour response time; homework and check-ins between sessions.

$300 for 90 minutes
$250 for returning customers

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Choice Motherhood Exploration and Support

Are you considering Choice Motherhood? Are you wondering if it’s right for you? Do you need guidance while navigating each step of your journey, or a safe space to process and reflect? Or are you already a Choice Mother, or newly single mother in need of support? Together we will tailor an offering that feels right for your unique situation.

Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

My path toward motherhood was filled with twists, turns, heartbreaks and joy. To conceive my son it was three months of donor sperm, unmedicated IUIs, a 10-week long brush with chromosomal abnormality, and ultimately, a normal vaginal delivery of a healthy baby boy. For my daughter, it was three years of multiple medicated IUIs with donor sperm, multiple pregnancy losses, a directed embryo donation that fell through in the 11th hour, an anonymous donor embryo, and a c-section for a footling breech baby girl who entered the world in the midst of a pandemic. I will hold space for you in any and all places on your journey. We will work together to call your baby into the world and grieve the souls who didn’t quite make it here or could not stay. Reach out. We will craft an offering that meets your needs.


Women's Empowerment Coaching with Dana

You're invited to join my free, private group on Facebook. This is an active and supportive community. Your application will be reviewed before you have access.

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Group Coaching and Courses

Root, Release, and Rise—A Retreat

Join me for a weekend of meditation, movement, sound, an invocation of the elements--metal for discernment; water for flow; wood for structure, earth to ground us; fire to unite us and send our proverbial shit up in smoke--and then the breath, to shed layers, stories, feelings, beliefs no longer relevant to our systems, no longer in service of our deepest desires.

The Deepening–Extended

Tailored to current workshop members only, the extended workshop will include 8 sessions meeting every other week beginning Monday 9/11 and ending Monday 12/18.

Write to Life

Dana Freedman is leading Write to Life, a nine-month course that uses the power of intuition, the wisdom of spiritual tradition, and the body itself to transform your old story(ies) into healed wholeness, creating space for a new narrative, the narrative of your soul’s desire, to take its shape and move fully into your energetic system.

Two 60-90 minute sessions per month; Text/Phone support with a 24-hour response time; homework and check-ins between sessions.

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The Sustainable Woman

One single payment or 6 recurring payments.


Creative News and Weather

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