Connect. Open. Heal.

Write to Life

Join me in this sacred container for creative writing, meditation, and healing.

Write to Life is a seven-week course that uses the power of intuition, the wisdom of spiritual tradition, and the body itself to transform your old story(ies) into healed wholeness, creating space for a new narrative, the narrative of your soul’s desire, to take its shape and move fully into your energetic system.

In nearly every spiritual path, the number seven is the key to wholeness and spiritual fulfillment. There are seven chakras, seven sacraments, seven levels of the Judaic Tree of Life, and even seven deadly sins to name a few. Together we will explore the themes available to us in these teachings and use their power to heal and expand through the written word, meditation and energetic journeying.

Each 90-minute session will include a teaching on the featured energy center in the body, a guided meditation to connect us with our highest self and to open that energy center fully, and writing prompts to begin the work of healing and expansion through the written word.

We will have a private Facebook group to share our work (not required) with one another, to ask questions, and hold each other in loving support.

Write to Life is the place where my coaching work intersects with my writing life, and I couldn't be more excited to offer this to the world!

Join me!

Dates: October 12th - December 7th (Break Thanksgiving Week)
Times: Eight Wednesdays from 2:30pm to 4:00 pm PST
Location: Zoom and optional Facebook Group
There will be a bonus 8th session for celebration and presentation of your work (strongly encouraged, but not required)!